The IDLife Difference:

All consumable IDLife products are made with the highest quality ingredients available, without any unnecessary fillers or additives. We take pride in what we use to formulate our products because we know you take pride in what you put into your body. • Non-GMO | Gluten-Free | Soy Free •

About IDLife:

IDLife is a health and wellness company that is revolutionizing the industry with customized nutrition. Our name stands for individually designed life and was founded on the principle that no two people are alike, so everyone has unique nutritional needs. Our mission is to offer the highest quality products and programs available to help you lead a healthier life.

Start your IDLife Experience by visiting and simply fill out our free, confidential health assessment. Your answers will generate a report with scientifically backed supplement recommendations, creating your very own customized vitamin program.

Quality Quality

IDLife is obsessive about creating original products that feature the absolute best ingredients we can find. IDLife places nothing above the quality and purity of our products - a dedication that is unmatched in our industry.

Science Science

Every product, recommendation and path that we offer is based entirely on science-backed studies and research. This approach gives IDLife and all of our customers a clarity and confidence in knowing everything we offer is based on truth.

Guidance Guidance

IDLife offers individuals personalized guidance that is tailored specifically to their health factors and personal goals. We embrace the unique situations and targets of everyone we work with and know that support and guidance are key to success.

"Individuals play the game, but teams win championships."
Logan Stout, Founder & CEO

Get to know the IDLife Team

IDLife is the result of an amazing group of individuals working closely together in focused teams, all with the same vision: Creating amazing results for everyone who has put their trust in IDLife.

Logan Stout
Laura Brandt
Mark Bennett
COO & General Counsel
Darryl Smith
Executive VP of Field Development
Mike Wade
Vice President of Sales

Monika Dhillon, M.D.
Board Certified in Nephrology & Internal Medicine
Paul Sullivan, RPh RxN
Product Formulation Specialist
Shawn Dhillon, M.D.
Metabolic Syndrome
Yolandra Hancock, M.D.
Childhood Obesity Specialist
Louis Iorio, M.D.
Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery
Larry North
1st Personal Trainer Inducted into the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame in 2012
Jay n linn
Jay and Lin Johnson
Celebrity Trainers for The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Founders of Jay’s Bootcamp
Meghan Tieff
America’s Body Coach, Globally Recognized Fitness Model, Personal Trainer and Coach
Darelle Joiner
Personal Trainer, Founder & CEO of OohRah Fitness, Corporate Fitness Expert
Mark Harari
Celebrity Personal Trainer & Founder of Pulse Studio (CA)

Personal Trainer to National and International A-List Celebrities and NFL/NBA Professional Athletes
Investor troy aikman
Troy Aikman
Professional Athlete and IDLife Investor
Investor patrick mcgee
Patrick McGee
Co-Founder of Brazos Private Equity
Idl web about investor pudgerodriguez
Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez
Professional Athlete and IDLife Investor
Investor josh bell
Josh Bell
Professional Athlete and IDLife Investor
Investor mike salim
Mike Salim
LLC Partner & General Counsel at CenterOak Partners LLC
Investor darwin deason
Darwin Deason
American Businessman and IDLife Investor